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Copyright Information for Custom Publishing

The vast majority of published materials are copyrighted. If your packet contains copyrighted materials that do not fall under Cornell licenses, Public Domain, or “Fair Use”, we must ask the owner(s) of the copyright for permission to reproduce it for your class. Cornell offers the following resources to help you understand copyright law and how it relates to your course materials.

Obtaining Copyright Permissions

The CCC (Copyright Clearance Center) will process copyright clearances for all faculty and staff seeking copyright permissions, including reproduction of course packets for classroom use, and materials for seminars or conferences.

The Cornell Store will obtain copyright permissions free of charge for customers printing course packets for classroom use. See also: “Getting Permissions without Royalty Charges” below.

If you plan to print materials yourself (or at any other printer), you are encouraged to take advantage of our Copyright Permissions Service. The cost is $20.00 per citation, plus the royalties charged by the Copyright Owners. The cost for letters handled by the CCC is $10.00 per citation. (CCC processes approximately 45% of our permissions).

We have a site license to reproduce Harvard Business Cases and Harvard Business Review Articles at a discounted rate.

You will need to submit the following information to our Copyright Permission Service:

  • Contact Information: Department Charge Number; Contact Person; Email; Office Address; Office Phone
  • Class Information: Class to be used in; Instructor; Quantity to be Printed; Source Title (book or Journal title); Publisher; ISBN or ISSN; Copyright Year; Edition or Issue (Vol. / No.); Source Author; Article Author; Article Title; Page numbers

Getting Permissions without Royalty Charges

Publishers view The Cornell Store as a "retail" entity. When we request permission to copy articles or chapters, publishers see an opportunity to generate income and will typically charge the maximum fees allowed by their company or rightsholders. You have the power to get these fees waived and save your students a lot of money!

As someone who makes Textbook Adoption decisions, you can write to the publishers directly and possibly obtain a Gratis (free) permission. The following tools are available to help with contacting publishers:

  • Sample permission letter
  • Publisher contact information: we are happy to provide you with addresses/faxes of publishers.

Be sure to let us know if you have contacted a publisher for permissions when you submit your Course Packet.


Please contact Custom Publishing at , 607-255-2922 or fax (607) 254-4577

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