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Faculty Textbook Services

Textbook and Course Materials Ordering

Professors teaching during the Spring 2018 semester will receive a customized link via email from The Cornell Store to submit their Textbook and Course Material orders online.

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Please submit your textbook and course materials orders as early as possible. Doing so helps The Cornell Store have time to obtain more used books and offer lower prices, rental options, and ebook options for our students. While we do not enforce a deadline, we do request that you have your Spring 2018 book orders submitted to us by mid-November, unless that is impossible due to circumstances beyond your control.

Custom Published Course Packet Ordering

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Please submit your custom course packet orders for Spring 2018 by mid-November to ensure that they will be available in the store by the first day of classes. We will accept custom course pack orders after mid-November, but cannot guarantee their availability by the first day of classes due to necessary processing and printing time.

Visit the Custom Course Packet Publishing page for more information.

Efforts by The Cornell Store to reduce the cost of textbooks for students:

  • Price Comparison Tool for Student Booklists
    • Students view their booklist with prices from The Cornell Store vs. Online sellers like,, and others. Students can purchase direct from competition if desired.
  • Digital eBook Offerings
    • The Cornell Store has partnered with Redshelf a 3rd party eBook company to provide eBooks for as many textbooks as possible. eBooks are available for purchase or for rent and are in an HTML5 format.
  • Rental Textbooks
    • The Cornell Store offers on average over 60% of the books used during a semester for rent to students. Rental books on average save 55% on the price of the book
  • Affordability Score in Textbook Ordering Tool
    • Our web based textbook ordering scores the price of a textbook based on national statistics to help a professor in making a selection.
  • Digital Shelf Tags
    • The new use of digital shelf tags in our Textbook Department allow the store to lower the prices of books instantly, add more rentals and display accurate information to students.
  • Alternative Textbook Ordering
    • The Cornell Store also utilizes non-traditional; ordering tools to order stock of textbooks at lower prices. Any savings are passed directly to the students.

Textbook & Course Material Tools for Professors

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